All steel parts are made of hot-dip galvanized S235J steel, following CE regulations. Brackets, shelves, and accessories are made by bending where necessary. Poles and pole cores are constructed from welded and tapered tubes.

Bases, decorative elements, truncated conical shafts, capitals, and tops are expertly cast in cast iron EN GJL200 - UNI 1561, mounted on the pole core with coupling and fastened with appropriate screws, allowing for the attachment of arms, smooth or elaborately decorated. These are cast in cast iron, featuring an integrated steel cable pass-through tube, securely fastened to the pole with appropriate screws, and with a suitable terminal for the installation of illuminating bodies.

A blend of recycled plastics, derived from the separate collection of waste in Italy, without the addition of any virgin polymer or recyclable material from industrial waste. The profiles are extruded through a hot injection process. It is also available in a reinforced version, with an internal steel reinforcement made of zinc-coated square tubes measuring 30x30 mm and thicknesses up to 4 mm.

Pine or Iroko wood slats, primarily used for bench seating. Both woods are suitable for outdoor use due to their durability and stability characteristics.

Used in playgrounds, schools, and gardens as anti-trauma flooring, available in various thicknesses. Elastic, draining, non-slip, non-toxic, fire-resistant.

Used for making slides through the rotational molding process, eliminating the risk of protruding or sharp parts.

Aluminum is a lightweight but durable metal. It offers resistance to weathering, staining, and scratching, and is fully recyclable.

Stainless steel fasteners and accessories are made from AISI 316 stainless steel.